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It was over 20 years ago that Scorpion created a completely new hull design to realise the full potential of the Rigid Inflatable Boat.

Today Scorpion has refined the RIB into the perfect blend of form and function; their elegant looks and luxurious comfort belie their rugged, all-weather capabilities and safety, making them the undisputed first choice of discerning enthusiasts and professionals around the world.

There are many reasons why you choose a particular RIB. Some are logical, some are emotional. Only a Scorpion satisfies them all.

Safety, Handling and Sustainability

Great performance is a nice-to-have. Safety is a must-have.

Scorpions are widely acknowledged as the best RIBs in the world because their unique hull design gives them the best of both worlds – the highest levels of safety and class leading performance.

But at Scorpion we go further. We believe in performance with sustainability. Which is why we work hard to ensure our boats are as fuel efficient as possible.

That efficiency is designed-in and built-in, using the latest build processes like resin-infusion to ensure maximum strength with minimum weight, state-of-the-art hydrodynamics and the latest high efficiency engines. The stepped hull and low wake technology of the 90st for example, takes fuel efficiency to a new level. With a single engine, the 90st achieves near identical performance figures to competitors’ twin engined boats that have twice the horsepower and almost twice the fuel consumption.

Power boats will always burn fuel but we are committed to making Scorpions amongst the greenest motorcraft in the world.



Sting 10m Cabin and Sting Cabin Top