Every Scorpion is hand built to the precise requirements of its owner in our factory in Lymington, UK. All aspects of the boats’ design, styling, moulding and assembly is done by our specialist in-house teams, including the manufacture of the tubes and installation of engines. Total control over design and build provides infinite customisation opportunities, to the extent that we can even lengthen or shorten our models to perfectly fit your requirements.

The three models in the current range are differentiated by their overall beam; Serket at 2.75m, Sting at 3.1m and the Silurian at 3.25m, and are available with a range of power options, including inboard, outboard and waterjet. Additionally, the Sting is available with a cabin option as well as open cockpit.


Our Company is a solid, trusted, accountable partner.


You can count on reliable service and performance.


We have build a state-of-the-art security platform.

Building on a Unique Heritage

Each Scorpion is unique but shares a heritage of innovation and a hull design that has been evolved over 20 years of record-breaking offshore and ocean passages to deliver a safe, comfortable and easy ride with outstanding performance in all conditions.

But it isn’t only Scorpion’s legendary success in long distance racing that makes them the ideal RIB. After all most of our owners wouldn’t want to cross oceans (although many do), but the reassurance that their boat can imparts a special confidence that only Scorpion owners and their passengers can enjoy.

That special confidence also comes from our design capability, which combines the best in aesthetic styling with the latest fluid dynamic technology to create chase boats and tenders that are not only beautiful to look at but perform beautifully too – comfortable, safe, fast and fuel efficient.

Superb design, meticulous craftsmanship, the best materials and exceptional build quality – including innovative production techniques like Infusion Moulding that increases strength and reduces weight – has made Scorpions what they are today, regarded by many as the best RIBs in the world.